3 Useful Tips When You Avail Personal Loan for Wedding

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A wedding is one of the most beautiful as well as important milestone of one’s life. Not only for the people who are enter in this unison, but also for the entire family. Indian weddings are usually a grand affair. And it involves a good deal of money to make these moments memorable Even though we prioritize and save for this big day, it is usual for the sudden and unplanned expenditures to crop-up. Although you can take a personal loan for wedding, but with the never-ending preparation of wedding, who has time to keep running around for a loan? The answer lies in the easy wedding loans offered by new-age lenders. CrediFiable is one such tech-enabled loan provider offering online loans. With a 100% wedding loan online application, we offer you quick personal loan for marriage and completely hassle-free experience.

Quick Personal Loan for Marriage? Yes, It’s Very Much Possible Now!

Gone are the days when one nervously looked up to relatives for borrowing money instead of taking personal loan for wedding. This of course, came with an enormous price tag of –  self-respect, dignity and pride. One would not even think of approaching Banks and other lending institutions since they could never sanction loans at such a short notice. The extensive paper work, documentation and approval process is impossible to handle when urgency strikes.

But technology and specifically online loans have revolutionized the lending and borrowing. With easy wedding loan online application process and fast disbursal, you can rest easy. Getting a loan when you need it most is just a few clicks away!

Follow these five steps for an Easy Wedding Loan Online Application

That’s right. Now you can arrange necessary financing for the marriage in 5 simple steps. Here they are.

Step 1 –  An access to Internet is Your Gateway to Quick Personal Loan for Marriage

A quick and easy wedding loan is just a few clicks away when you have a computer with internet connection. There is no need to look for a loan DSA or visit any bank branch physically.

Step 2- Filling a Simple Wedding Loan Online Application Form Does the Trick

You can get an easy wedding loan once you provide a few basic details in the simple wedding loan online application form on CrediFiable website. The process is simple to understand, and our executives are there to assist at any point of time during the application.

Step 3 – Upload Documents as the Next Step to Get Online Loans

We can provide instant personal loan for wedding because our tech-enabled system has the capability to analyse the information you provide. As next step in the application, you would have to upload your 3 months of bank account statement and PAN card – all in soft-copies; no paper-work involved.

Step 4 – Choose the EMI Plan That Suits You Most on the Personal Loan for Wedding

Once you have provided all the information, our team calls you with the loan EMI options our system has approved for you. You can choose the EMI that works best for you and finalize the quick personal loan for marriage. After this, you would have to upload soft-copies of your KYC documents and 3 months of salary slips online and you are done.

Step 5 – Sign the Agreement and Put the Easy Wedding Loan to Use

We send the agreement to online loans over email to you which you need to sign. Our team-member will then collect the signed copy from your door step. After an on-ground verification process carried out by the operations team, the approved loan amount gets transferred to your bank account within three working days. It is as easy as it gets!

3 Handy Tips When You Avail Instant Personal Loan for Wedding

Now that you know that CrediFiable gives you easy wedding loan with zero hassle, we give you 4 handy tips to put a quick personal loan for marriage to use.

1.      Plan Wisely in Advance & Complete Wedding Loan Online Application in Time

It’s always better if you start planning your wedding immediately after the engagement phase. You can plan the entire budget and complete the wedding loan online application to make the max of the loan money.  A little extra planning ensures you don’t have to worry about arranging last minute hefty funds. There essential pre-wedding expenses like booking a venue, hiring caterers or planning a honey moon and you can put the easy wedding loan to good use if have planned it well.

2.      You can Get an Instant Personal Loan for Wedding Up-to Rs.5 lakhs even in the Nick-of-Time

Weddings are usually an expensive affair. You might need instant extra funds even if you had saved for the big day. Online loans give you the freedom to arrange instant money even when you are in the thick of other preparations for the wedding. With a simple wedding loan online application, you can continue to focus on wedding preparation. Once you complete the application funds come in your bank account in 72 working hours.

3. With Easy Wedding Loans, No Need to Liquidate All Your Investments

There is no need to redeem all your mutual funds or liquidate every penny of your savings to pay for the wedding expenses. With easy wedding loan available to fund the expenses, you can keep your long-term investments intact to earn maximum returns.

What Can You Use a Quick Personal Loan for Marriage For?

There are no limitations on how to use your personal loan for wedding. You can use this money for:

  • Exclusive designer wedding attire
  • Makeup specialist
  • Wedding invitations
  • Hotel booking, banquet halls, catering charges
  • Honeymoon stay and flight tickets
  • Post wedding settlement and living expenses

At CrediFiable, we take the stress out of the best phases of your life. Don’t let financial anxiety jeopardise your happiness. You deserve the best and we provide the BEST for you! Just apply for a quick personal loan for marriage, forget about the worries and bask in the joy and revelry.

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