5 Remarkable Reasons to Prefer Instant Personal Loan Online

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We all wish to fulfill our dreams.  Wish to renovate your home or give a boost to your career with an online course? Want to have a fairy-tale wedding or take that long-due vacation? If money has been the constraint in living your life to the fullest, quick personal loans are here to your rescue. With tech advancements you can now apply online for instant personal loan. The instant loans from online lenders take away the pain and hassle of never-ending paper-work and long-queues. When you take an instant personal loan online, the entire process is seamless and simple. If you wish to take personal loan apply online on new-age online lending platforms such as CrediFiable for a zero-hassle experience.

When Should You opt for Quick Personal Loans?

Personal loans are unsecured instalment loans. So, when you take a personal loan you get a lump-sum amount of money for a pre-determined period (known as loan tenure) without giving any security or guarantee. You bear interest charges on this borrowed money and pay a fixed amount towards part-principal and interest as EMI for the loan tenure. This monthly part-payment is more popularly known as the Equated Monthly Instalment or the EMI.  When you need smaller amount of money, quick personal loans act as the best vehicle meet the financial crunch.

Instant Loans are the Best Quick Fix When:

  • There is a medical emergency
  • A family wedding is around the corner
  • You want to own your dream bike
  • Your home-décor needs an uplift
  • An online certification course can boost your career but costs a bomb
  • You want to upgrade your vehicle

This list can be endless. Quick personal loans can help you meet any expense big or small. When you apply online for instant personal loan there is no specific end-use of the funds. Unlike a car loan, education loan or a home loan where the loan proceeds must go to a specific use, you can use the personal loan funds as per your own needs and schedule.

Personal Loan Apply Online or Go Traditional Route?

Once you have decided to take unsecured personal loan, the next thing to decide is from where to take the loan. Of course, you would think of approaching a bank first. Say, you do not meet the eligibility criteria of a bank then you may think of NBFC or private financial institutions. But, both the banks and NBFCs may not be the best suitable options.

The technological advancements have paved the way for a new way to access credit-on-the-go. You can now take instant personal loan online at similar terms and conditions like that of a bank but with much more ease. When you apply online for instant personal loan, you can do away with the inconvenience of visiting a branch or filling lengthy application forms. The decisions are quick and disbursal too. It’s time you move over from traditional loans to instant loans.

Why You Must Prefer Instant Personal Loan Online?

Here we bring you 5 reasons why you must, when you want personal loan apply online and not go the traditional way.

1.      Convenience is the word when you go-with Personal Loan Apply Online Option

When you apply online for instant personal loan, you bid good-bye to hassle and say hello to convenience.

  • You won’t have to travel away from your home or office to avail the loan. Instant loans are at your finger-tips from the comfort of your place.
  • No need to stick to the timelines of the bank or NBFC. For a new-age personal loan apply online 24×7 at an hour that works best for you.
  • Say no to dealing with multiple sales-calls from executives when you show even the slightest interest of taking quick personal loans.

2.      Instant Loans Offer Instant EMI Options

When you go the traditional route, you must wait from the bank for final approved loan amount and EMI amount. But when you go-with instant personal loan online from CrediFiable, our smart risk engine gives instant approval on your loan application. You should just fill a simple application form and upload the soft-copies of minimal documents. Our team will get back to you with the loan plan in no-time. No more waiting forever!

3.      No Paperwork Involved When You Apply Online for Instant Personal Loan

Go paperless with instant loans from CrediFiable. When you want personal loan apply online through our website for a truly seamless and paperless experience. No lengthy physical application form, no endless photo-copies of supporting documents. We ask you to upload soft-copies as few supporting documents as required. Our loan process is simplicity at its best.

4.      Easy Repayment Options on Instant Personal Loan Online

When it comes to choosing loan repayment option, CrediFiable gives you the flexibility to go-with shorter tenure options of even 6 months. This helps you save on the total interest out-go on your loan. If you want to go with lower EMI and longer tenure then we offer you tenure up to 36 months to repay the loan.

5.      Transparent Terms & Conditions on Quick Personal Loans from CrediFiable

When you apply online for instant personal loan from CrediFiable, you can rest assure that there are no hidden charges of any type. We just charge a nominal 2%- 3% of processing fee on the loan amount. Apart from this we do not have any other charges under the guise of documentation fees or what-so-ever. You get zero-hassle instant loans from us that are fair and transparent.

How to Apply Online for Instant Personal Loan?

When you want to avail instant personal loan online from CrediFiable, it is a very simple 3-step process.

Step-1: Personal Loan Apply Online by Filling a Simple Form

Visit our website and apply online for instant personal loan. Fill in a few basic details and upload soft copies of your 3 months bank statement and PAN card. That’s it!

Step-2: Upload Online Documents Required for Instant Loans

Our smart credit engine evaluates your application and gives instant loans options. Our team will now call you with EMI options and after this you must upload your KYC documents and salary slips online.

Step-3: Sign the Loan Agreement

The last stage of personal loan apply online route is to sign the loan agreement sent to you over email by our team. Our executive will then collect the signed copy from your doorsteps! The money gets credited into your account within 3 working days of providing all documents online.

Simple, easy and hassle-free – this is instant personal loan online for you! So, wait no more – if you want a personal loan apply online now.

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