Here is How to Get Personal Loan Instantly in a Quick and Easy Way

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They say that life is too short to be making compromises, so make hay while the sun shines. After all you live only once! Many a times you will find a dearth of funds standing between you and your desires. There may also be times where requirements of funds on an emergency basis will make you feel miserable. ‘I need personal loan’ is what you would think in such circumstances. With technological advances, it is now very easy to get personal loan online fast from non-traditional lenders. Be it a new gadget you always wanted to get your hands on, or that well-deserved vacation you’ve been longing for – you can get personal loan instantly from CrediFiable, a new-age lender. With our personal loan instant approval, you can meet the cash crunch fast even in case of urgent emergency.

 Do I need personal loan?

Some of you may not be too clear as to what you can use a personal loan for. You might even be thinking whether I need personal loan at all or not. Since personal loans are unsecured in nature, the end use of the funds obtained from it is absolutely your prerogative.

You can avail a personal loan for any of the following reasons:

  • Clear your credit card bills
  • Give you home a makeover
  • Relocate to a new place
  • Repair or buy a used vehicle
  • Pay for your wedding or honeymoon expenses
  • Paying medical bills not covered by insurance
  • Buy a gadget you’ve been longing for
  • Upskill yourself
  • Partly pay your education expenses
  • Go on a holiday

Now that you’re aware of the use-cases where a personal loan can be used effectively, let’s discuss why you should get personal loan online with CrediFiable.

Why should I Care About Personal Loan Instant Approval?

Traditionally, getting a loan approval is a time consuming and tedious process. It involves numerous rounds of interacting with the bank-representative and doing volumes of paper-work. Even after completing all this, you cannot be sure whether the amount you’ve requested for, will get sanctioned or not. Nobody wants to deal with unnecessary hassle during the times of a financial distress. All you want is to get personal loan instantly.

CrediFiable with its personal loan instant approval algorithms and smooth loan processing, enables you to get personal loan online fast. We help you tide over the financial gaps without delays. So, transcend to ‘I got a personal loan & it was super-easy’ state from ‘I need a personal loan, what-to-do-now’ state.  All you need to get started is a computer connected to the Internet.

Key Benefits When You Can Get Personal Loan Online Fast

When you choose CrediFiable as a lender, you get personal loan online fast from the comfort of your own home! You need not waste your leaves for a bank branch visit. Just choose the time of the day as per your own convenience and get money in your account in 72 hours after providing all documents!

 Let’s look at the 3 key benefits you can enjoy when you get personal loan instantly.

 1. Get a Personal Loan Online Fast with Convenience

How many times you think that ‘I need a personal loan’ but then just procrastinate because you think that all money matters are complicated? It is time to change your view! CrediFiable is a fully tech-enabled lending platform with a 100% online loan application process. Filling a simple application form and few documents uploads is all it will take to get a personal loan online fast from us!

Don’t waste any more of your leaves to visit a bank when you can simply avail personal credit at your own convenient hour of the day.

2. Get Personal Loan Instantly Even Without Credit History

A good credit score above 750 is a must if you want to get the personal loan from banks. This is because the traditional lenders use your credit score as guiding criteria to assess your credit worthiness. Your credit score indicates your financial discipline and your prior repayment behavior. Since, personal loans are unsecured in nature, lenders would want to hedge the risk involved and lend only to people with proven credit history.

If you’re new to credit, or if your credit history is thin, your loan application will not be entertained by banks or NBFCs. But with CrediFiable, you can get personal loan instant approval even with a thin or no credit history. Our smart algorithm combined with strong credit model analyses your credit profile holistically based on your educational background, place of employment etc. If your CIBIL score is low, our system tries to identify the reason for the same – financial indiscipline or a genuine error.

So, those of you who have an average CIBIL score (even less than 700) or no credit history can still get personal loan instantly with CrediFiable. So, stop pondering – “I do not have credit history but I need personal loan, what should I do?” Just visit CrediFiable and apply for your loan today.

3. You Can Avoid ‘I Need Personal Loan Urgently, Shall I Instead Take Payday Loan’ Syndrome

Financial distress might disorient you to opt for payday loans. But beware! They are honey traps! Though you can get a quick approval for payday loan, the loan amount is usually limited only to the extent of your salary. And while interest rates sound nominal on payday loans, they work out to be very expensive!  With a payday loan there is always a chance that you may land you up in a debt trap.   

Instead, consider CrediFiable personal loan instant approval for all your credit requirements. You can get a loan amount for an amount between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakhs. Besides offering a competitive rate of interest beginning at 10.99%, CrediFiable also allows you to be flexible with your loan tenure so that you don’t stretch yourself. You can get a loan tenure of 6 months, or stretch your loan term for as long as 36 months for lighter monthly installments.

Do you need more reason to get personal loan instantly from CrediFiable?

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