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Personal Loan Inkolkata

Personal Loan in Kolkata or Calcutta are easily and conveniently available with CrediFiable, a new age consumer lending platform. Kolkatans are known for their love for art, literature, culture, cuisine and travel. You will be hard pressed to come across a Kolkata native who does not like to travel widely. With online personal loan in Kolkata, one can now literally make the world their oyster.

Kolkata boasts of a rich cultural history. During the British era, this city of joy used to be the hub of commerce and trade and used to be the capital city. Kolkata has always been at the helm of political and social conscientiousness. Kolkata was at the centre of Bengal Renaissance which resulted in abandoning many old-rotten practices, leading to cultural and social reforms in the society. Kolkata was also the centre of revolutionary movements in Indian freedom struggle. Growing nationalism in Kolkata was one of the contributing factors to the British shifting their capital to Delhi in later part of their rule.

Kolkata has many public and private sector industrial units and a flourishing IT industry. The city is home to headquarters of large industrial conglomerates such as ITC, Exide Industries, Britannia, Coal India and National Insurance Company. The young working professionals in the city have their aspirations and dreams. Like a typical Kolkatan they also love to travel. And like a typical young millennial, they hate to wait to fulfil their dreams. For them, instant personal loan in Kolkata are the best financing options for small-time money requirements.

One can easily take a personal loan today for a vast array of needs – right from a medical emergency to financing a high-skill certification course. Whether travel is on your cards or you want to buy a new electronic gadget an instant personal loan can help you finance it immediately. It is even more easier when you opt for taking an online personal loan in Kolkata from CrediFiable.

The full loan cycle is online, fast, easy and hassle-free. You can get your final approved loan EMI in 5 minutes. You simply start with registering at as a borrower with your mobile number. Fill out a simple application form, upload the bank account & credit card statements, and that’s it! The system determines and generates your approved loan amount and EMI the very next moment. After this just provide your KYC documents and salary slips online for verification. And you are done. In 3 working days, money gets credited into your account.

Apart from being simple and convenient, when you choose CrediFiable online personal loan in Kolkata you also get the competitive terms. The interest rate on our instant personal loan start from 10.99% per annum, calculated on reducing balance. The tenure ranges from 6 months to 36 months offering you comfortable time- period to pay-off the loan. CrediFiable can offer instant personal loan for amounts as low as Rs.50 Thousand and as high as Rs.5 Lakhs. These are totally unsecured personal loan and hence it is ok if you do not have any security or guarantor. CrediFiable online personal loan work on a different model, where they believe in the potential of young, hard-working, credit-worthy borrower such as you.

The real-time loan processing engine is the core of our offering. It analyses a borrower’s profile holistically including his education, employment details. It does not depend solely on your CIBIL score to assess your credit-worthiness. This is the reason that even if you have no or limited credit history, we can sanction your loan. This intelligent loan processor is also the reason why we can give instant personal loan in Kolkata even for CIBIL scores lesser than 700.

If you live in the city of joy, just make your wishes a reality with CrediFiable Online Personal Loan in Kolkata now!

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Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan In Kolkata

  • A Borrower Must :
  • 1. Be a resident of India
  • 2. Be salaried and have a gross annual income of more than Rs 3,00,000 per annum
  • 3. Have a valid PAN Card
  • 4. Have a valid Bank account in India
  • 5. Have a College / University degree

Documents Required for CrediFiable Personal Loan In Kolkata

  • 1. Pan Card
  • 2. ID proof which can EITHER be an Aadhar Card OR Voter ID OR Passport
  • 3. Current Proof of Residence which can EITHER be Rental Agreement OR Electricity Bill OR Mobile / Landline Bill OR Passport
  • 4. Income Tax Returns for last 3 years or as applicable
  • 5. Salary Slips for last 3 months
  • 6. Copy of College / University Degree Certificates
  • 7. Copy of Transcripts and relevant Test Scores as declared in the application
  • 8. HR Letter From his / her Company

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